HPUX 10.20 - man pages


init		process control initialization
telinit		process	control initialization
inittab		script for the init process
hpux		HP-UX bootstrap and installation utility
hpux_700	HP-UX bootstrap and installation utility
hpux_800	HP-UX bootstrap and installation utility
brc	 	system initialization shell scripts
bcheckrc	system initialization shell scripts
mirrorrc	system initialization shell scripts
rc		system initialization shell scripts
powerfail	system initialization shell scripts
isl		initial system loader
pdc		processor-dependent code (firmware)


groupadd	add a new group to the system
groupdel	delete a group from the system
groupmod	modify a group on the system
useradd		add a new user login to the system
userdel		delete a user login from the system
usermod		modify a user login on the system
vipw		edit the password file
passwd		change login password
passwd		password file, pwd.h
group		group file, grp.h
logingroup	group file, grp.h
users		compact list of users who are on the system
logins		display system and user login data
groups		show group memberships
pwck		pssword/group file checkers
grpck		pssword/group file chec kers
newgrp		switch to a new group
pwconv		install and update secured password facility
acctcms		command summary from per-process accounting records
chroot		change root directory for a command
cmp		compare two files
df		report number of free file system disk blocks
diff		differential file and directory comparator
du		summarize disk usage
find		find files
finger          user information lookup program
ftp		file transfer program
getpwent	get password file entry
getpwent_r	get password file entry
getpwuid	get password file entry
getpwuid_r	get password file entry
getpwnam	get password file entry
getpwnam_r	get password file entry
setpwent	get password file entry
setpwent_r	get password file entry
endpwent	get password file entry
endpwent_r	get password file entry
fgetpwent	get password file entry
fgetpwent_r	get password file entry
last		indicate last logins of users and ttys
lastb		indicate last logins of users and ttys
lastcomm	show last commands executed in reverse order
listusers	display user login data
ncheck		generate a list of path names from inode numbers
ps		report process status
quot		summarize file system ownership
rcp		remote file copy
rdist		remote file distribution program
renice		alter priority of running processes
sum		print checksum and block or byte count of file(s)
syslog		control system log
openlog		control system log
closelog	control system log
setlogmask	control system log
telnet		user interface to the TELNET protocol
ftp		trivial file transfer program
tty		get the name of the terminal
pty		get the name of the terminal
umask		set or display the file mode creation mask
uucp		UNIX system to UNIX system copy
uulog		UNIX system to UNIX system copy
uuname		UNIX system to UNIX system copy
who		who is on the system

prpwd		protected password authentication database files used for trusted systems
audisp		display the audit information as requested by the parameters
audomon		audit overflow monitor daemon
audevent	change or display event or system call audit status
audusr		select users to audit
audsys		start or halt the auditing system and set or display audit file information


gethostent	get network host entry
gethostent_r	get network host entry
gethostbyaddr	get network host entry
gethostbyaddr_r	get network host entry
gethostbyname	get network host entry
gethostbyname_r	get network host entry
sethostent	get network host entry
sethostent_r	get network host entry
endhostent	get network host entry
endhostent_r	get network host entry
networks	network name database
hosts		host name database
mount		mount and unmount file systems
umount		mount and unmount file systems
fstab		static information about the file systems
exportfs		export and unexport directories to NFS clients
exports		directories to export to NFS clients
showmount	show all remote mounts


sysdef		display system definition
insf		install special (device) files
ioscan		scan I/O system


cpio		copy file archives in and out; duplicate directory trees
dd		convert, reblock, translate, and copy a (tape) file
mt		magnetic tape manipulating program
pax		Extracts, writes, and lists archive files
tar		tape file archiver
dump		incremental file system dump, local or across network
rdump		incremental file system dump, local or across network
restore		restore file system incrementally, local or across network
rrestore	restore file system incrementally, local or across network
volcopy		copy a file system with label checking
labelit		copy a file system with label checking
fbackup		selectively back up files
frecover	selectively recover files
vgcfgbackup	create or update LVM volume group configuration backup file
vgcfgrestore	display or restore LVM volume group configuration from backup file
vgchange	set LVM volume group availability
tcio		Command Set 80 CS/80 Cartridge Tape Utility


swinstall	Install and configure software products
swcopy		Copy software products for subsequent installation or distribution
swlist		Display information about software products
swremove	Unconfigure and remove software products


iostat		report I/O statistics
netstat		show network status
top		display and update information about the top processes on the system
uptime		show how long system has been up
w		show who is logged in and what they are doing
vmstat		report virtual memory statistics