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Bug-ToDo List

Xerces-C Bug List (under construction)

Date  Contributor  Description 
2000-11-17  Daniel Walker  Behavior of ElementImpl::setAttributeNode() - When setting an attribute node, the new AttrImpl's ownerElment member is not updated. 
2000-11-16  Moishe Lettvin  BinHTTPURLInputStream, the query part of the URL is being ignored. 
2000-10-26  Dean Roddey  EnumVal Sample should have an error handler installed, so that errors in the DTD would be displayed in some reasonable way. 
2000-10-30  Radovan Chytracek  ignorableWhiteSpace not called during progressive SAX parsing. Works correctly with batch parsing. 
2000-10-15  Curt Arnold  Binary builds do not include COM. 
2000-10-14  Maxim Volkonovsky  Type Cast mismatch in ICU converter. 
      DOM: DOM: if doc goes out of scope, report that all string handles go, string handle heap cleans up, then a new DOM doc recreates - Creates multithreading problem. script, ICU is not being packaged with both debug and release DLLs when ICU build options are selected. 
      DOMString error reported in BoundsChecker when parsing the file x1.xml 
      DOM_XMLDecl - mark as nonstandard, since it's not part of W3C design. Implement DOM L3 proposal for access to the same information. 
7-2000  Eliot Muir  Dynamically link to either wsock32.lib or ws2_32.lib on Windows, to get rid of hard dependency on one or the other. 
2000-10-3  Joe Pruitt  NetAccessor: investigate use of open source library "cURL". Looks promising. 
      XMLFormatter, delete of char * fields should be array style? 
      Test needed: UCS4 encoding, correct handling of chars codes > 64k. 
      Documentation: FAQ entry for validator re-use 
      Add a runtime check for mixed Release/Debug runtime libraries in use in Windows, if this is possible. 
      HPUX - incorrect transcode to wchar_t? Investigate again. 
      make defaults work for configure, runConfigure. 
2000-10-24  Joel C. Lim  Possible memory leak. See mail list. 
2000-10-23  Hal DeVore  Access to DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE entities causes exception. See mail list. 
2000-10-16  Bernd Dongus  BCB5 problem - figure out how to make INterlockedCompareExchange function compile for both Windows and BCB5, preferably without #ifdefs. 
2000-09-30  Bala Ayres  Possible SAXParser bug. Verify. See mail list. 
2000-09-21  Dave Connet  DOMPrint creates invalid XML. See mail list. 
2000-09-14  Jeff Lewis  ReuseValidator enhancement request. Reuse only if the DTD listed in the XML is the same as the one previously loaded. 
2000-07-31  Pawel Hubczak  Possible memory leak when ErrorHandler::error override called. (This might be fixed already) 
2000-03-08  Dean Roddey  DOMString feature request - transcode to a caller supplied buffer, rather than always allocating a new one on the heap. Primarily for better performance. 

Xerces-C New Feature Request List

Date  Contributor  Description 
      Initialize() / Terminat(): make it possible to reinitialize the xerces library after it has been termintated. 
      DOM Revalidation. Easiest approach is probably to create a DOMInputStream and re-run the parser. Once the DOM Serializer is ready, this shouldn't be hard. 
      Option to not read external DTDs (ignore DOCTYPE line) 
      Better Build. Make it simpler, more standard. 
      XML Serializer. Write out a DOM tree in memory as XML. 
      Better performing DOM. 
      XML Schema Support 
      Subclassable DOM. 

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