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JavaScript - Einführung, Programmierung und Referenz
by Stefan Koch

Take this link to go directly to the German pages describing my JavaScript book.

My JavaScript book is called 'JavaScript - Einführung, Programmierung und Referenz' - the publisher is dpunkt.verlag. The book is written in German. You can get more information (in German) at You can either order the book online or buy it in the next bookstore.

About an English translation of my book

I want to thank everybody who expressed interest in an English translation of my German JavaScript book. Chances are pretty good that the second edition will be translated. In order to convince my publisher I have started collecting e-mail addresses of people who are interested in a translation. Please submit your e-mail address if you think that my JavaScript book should be translated (don't worry: no spam). Thank you very much for your help!


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My JavaScript-book

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