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Appendix G

G. Patent Statement

This version of the SSL protocol relies on the use of patented public key encryption technology for authentication and encryption. The Internet Standards Process as defined in RFC 1310 requires a written statement from the Patent holder that a license will be made available to applicants under reasonable terms and conditions prior to approving a specification as a Proposed, Draft or Internet Standard.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has granted RSA Data Security, Inc., exclusive sub-licensing rights to the following patent issued in the United States:

Cryptographic Communications System and Method ("RSA"), No. 4,405,829

The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University have granted Caro-Kann Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary corporation, exclusive sub-licensing rights to the following patents issued in the United States, and all of their corresponding foreign patents:

Cryptographic Apparatus and Method ("Diffie-Hellman"), No. 4,200,770
Public Key Cryptographic Apparatus and Method ("Hellman-Merkle"), No. 4,218,582

The Internet Society, Internet Architecture Board, Internet Engineering Steering Group and the Corporation for National Research Initiatives take no position on the validity or scope of the patents and patent applications, nor on the appropriateness of the terms of the assurance. The Internet Society and other groups mentioned above have not made any determination as to any other intellectual property rights which may apply to the practice of this standard. Any further consideration of these matters is the user's own responsibility.

Netscape Communications Corporation
SSL Version 3.0
March 1996

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