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  2. Authors

    Alan O. Freier
    Netscape Communications
    Paul C. Kocher
    Independent Consultant
    Philip L. Karlton
    Netscape Communications

  3. Other contributors

    Martin Abadi
    Digital Equipment Corporation
    Robert Relyea
    Netscape Communications
    Taher Elgamal
    Netscape Communications
    Jim Roskind
    Netscape Communications
    Anil Gangolli
    Netscape Communications
    Micheal J. Sabin, Ph. D.
    Consulting Engineer
    Kipp E.B. Hickman
    Netscape Communications
    Tom Weinstein
    Netscape Communications

  4. Early reviewers

    Robert Baldwin
    RSA Data Security, Inc.
    Clyde Monma
    George Cox
    Intel Corporation
    Eric Murray
    Cheri Dowell
    Sun Microsystems
    Avi Rubin
    Stuart Haber
    Don Stephenson
    Sun Microsystems
    Burt Kaliski
    RSA Data Security, Inc.
    Joe Tardo
    General Magic

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