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Apache Server Survival Guide

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About the Author

Manuel Alberto Ricart is one of the founders of accessLINK, inc., a high-technology firm that provides Internet and Web consulting services worldwide.

Alberto, has been involved with computers since the late 70s when he was introduced to programming on a then state-of-the-art IBM system 32, which had a whopping 32KB of RAM and a tiny hard disk. Since then, Alberto has developed software products for Macintosh and NEXTSTEP, as well as provided UNIX and PC system administration support to a wide range of clients since the mid-80s.

In 1992, he founded a software company, SmartSoft, Inc., that develops a wide range of commercial shrink-wrap software for NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP (UNIX) operating systems. Their products are sold worldwide.

In 1995, he co-founded a second firm dedicated to building Internet solutions that allow companies to harness the Internet for business. Their technologies range from simple static Web publishing to dynamic content-driven Web systems that use database sources for their information infrastructure. AccessLINK also provides a number of hosting products and services.

Alberto specializes in Internet and Web core technologies such as the Apache Web server and all other technologies required to support it, such as UNIX network connectivity, administration, training, and support. Other responsibilities include the invention and design of software products and tools.

Alberto can be reached at"> where he can usually be found tinkering with computers and software all day long.

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