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Distributed Perl Documentation (5.005_02)

Every perl distribution comes with the following documentation, typically viewable through the standard man(1) program, the slower and less flexible perldoc(1) program, or as HTML. However, many programmers seem to have trouble finding that documentation, so here it all is; you may also fetch it manually as one gigantic GNU-zipped tarfile (1593k) for viewing on your local system.

Normal Documentation

The documentation listed above is available as one huge postscript file (1816k) suitable for printing, or as a textfile (941k) for searching. Other Perl documentation may also be available.

Installer Documentation

Platform Documentation

  • Installation directions for non-Unix ports.
  • Running under Plan9.
  • Modules peculiar to OS/2.
  • Documentation peculiar to VMS.
  • Tools peculiar to Microsoft.

Some pre-built binaries for compiler-challenged platforms can be found in the CPAN ports directory.

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