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Gimp user manual v0.7

The free GNU (general) image manipulation program for UNIX.

Karin Kylander & Olof S Kylander

We would be very happy if you would send us an email if you have downloaded this draft and tell us what you think about it. We would also be very happy for any suggestions on how to improve this manual.

The email address is .

This manual is far from finished. It's a working draft made public by us in order to "debug" the manual. Many chapters lack important pictures, there is no index or TOC. There are also missing chapters.

You can see the HTML version as a help to Gimp if you want a nice layout get the PS or PDF version. We will together with XXXXX improve the layout of the HTML version when the manual is in version 1.0 but just now we simply don't have time to do it If you want to browse the manual on your local workstation download the HTML version as a tgz archive.

What Karin said when she started.

GIMP-manual for beginners or shortcuts for those who don't quite feel like real men yet :-)

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Copyright © 1997, Karin Kylander

With any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact us